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Performance Management & Monitoring Industry Discourse – A Behind the Scenes Look & Genesis of the Panels!

This short video (8:52) provides a “behind-the-scenes” look the genesis of the entire initiative on performance management & monitoring, which will culminate in on-line and off-line panels.

Genesis of the Panels: A "Behind-the-Scenes" Look with Dr. Vishal Sharma, Principal, Metanoia, Inc.

The video (click on the video link above) by Dr. Vishal Sharma, Principal, Metanoia, Inc.also outlines:

  • Why this area is particularly relevant for operators today?
  • What changes in the industry are driving that importance?
  • How one may dissect this space in 4 different ways (ways to think about the problem)?  and
  • What lead to the assembling of the stellar set of experts from over a dozen eco-system players to discuss, debate, analyze, and ponder this critically important subject. 

 Finally, the video reveals why these panels and the interactions leading up to them are unique, and how telecom professionals worldwide may participate, simply by registering at

To read the next step of this evolution — namely, more about what the panel(s) are about, click here. To jump directly to the distilled learnings from the Roundtable conferences leading up to the panel, click here.

If you or your company would like to get involved with this initiative, and contribute to it, please contact Dr. Vishal Sharma at vsharma AT metanoia-inc DOT com or call +1 650-641-0082.

The companies cooperating in this initiative are: 

Co-operating Companies

 ————————————————————————————————————————————————–Metanoia, Inc. has consistently been a leader in bringing the eco-system’s focus on carrier-centric issues. If you would like to contribute to, participate in, or have a suggestion about our recent initiatives, write us at or comment on this blog. To be involved in the current panel, write to Dr. Vishal Sharma at or call +1 650-641-0082.

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