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What Role Does the Data Center Operator Have in End-to-End Performance Management?

Starting with this video (8:48), we bring you a rare treat – a distillation of some of the key issues that are being (or have been) discussed between the various carriers and eco-system players participating in this “Performance Management & Monitoring” initiative. 

Role of the Data Center Operator

In this video, we look at the first of
 the issues we tackled en route to (partially!) deciphering this vast subject, namely, where does the data center operator fit into the performance management picture?

We look principally at the following:

  1. Why is the data center operator critical?
  2.  What type of data center operator are we focusing on?
  3.  How do we define a multi-tenant, multi-service data center?
  4.  Two reasons why they are a principal operator type today.
  5. Two examples of how such data center operators are crucial for performance.

(For a downloadable mp3 podcast, click here.)

Simplified View of the End-to-End Network and a Distribution of Operators/Providers Across the Network Segments

 To read the next step of this evolution — namely, issues in considering the network’s impact on application performance, click here, and to look at the previous step, namely, the rare behind-the-scenes look, click here! To read the companion post detailing this idea, click here.

Telecom professionals worldwide may attend the panel and participate in all of the on-going dialog leading up to the panel and beyond, simply by registering at

If you or your company would like to get involved with this initiative, and contribute to it, please contact Dr. Vishal Sharma at vsharma AT metanoia-inc DOT com or call +1 650-641-0082.

The companies cooperating in this initiative are: 

Co-operating Companies


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