Operational Convergence Valuable to Quality Performance Management in Converged Networks – A View from the Middle-Mile! (TELUS)

Having an opportunity to hear expert opinions one-on-one is a real treat, and today we bring you just that via our audio podcast with Geoffrey Holan, Senior Network Architect at TELUS  (see here for his LinkedIn profile), who has been a key contributor to the Roundtables on performance management & monitoring that we have held as part of our initiative on “Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO!” – the live panel July 17, 2012.

 Geoffrey is also a panelist at the event, bringing in insights from an infrastructure provider (or middle-mile provider) perspective (see here for registration details and what will be covered; BTW, don’t hesitate to register, even if you see this post-facto, because that will enable you to receive valuable updates from pre-event and post-event activities!) TELUS is unique in that they began the convergence process to all packet networks almost 10 years ago, in 2003, moving their core network to IP/MPLS, and then continued that packet convergence outwards, moving to the metro and, now, to the access itself.

 Geoffrey has had long experience at Telus, with initial involvement with TELUS’s core network architecture, design, and transformation. He then moved, over the last few years to the team overseeing the Telus’ internal network, which allows TELUS to deliver services and applications to end-users. Thus, experience shifted to the application side. This has allowed him a unique perspective on the interaction of applications with the network, and what the requirements on either side are.

 Our discussion with Geoffrey covered 5 questions:

  1. Who you are? (Always good to know that :-) )
  2.  How are you involved in performance monitoring & management? In the issues therein?
  3.  What are some of the specific issues you’re concerned about in this space and why?
  4.  What solutions approaches are your formulating (or would like to see developed) and why?
  5. How has the initiative on performance management (the Roundtables and Panel) helped with your performance management related goals?
  6.   How have you found the Roundtable discussions so far? (What has been their value/benefit?)

 Of course, I should add that you’ll probably want to hear a couple of neat insights that Geoffrey shares about how the role of operations staff has expanded over just the last few years, and how that leads to an expansion of skill sets for network performance monitoring/troubleshooting. 

Hear (or right click to download)  the podcast here.

As you hear this, and have questions for Geoffrey, please send them to experts@metanoia-inc.com and we will forward those to him. We’ll try to address them on the Panel (see here  to register), or in the discussions beyond. Again, our goal is to facilitate an ongoing industry dialog between the operators (of various types) and the eco-system players, in a cooperative environment that spurs advancements/developments that benefit the entire eco-system! And, we invite you to join the activity and share the excitement of doing so!


Geoffrey Holan is a Senior Technology Architect in Technology Strategy and Operations at TELUS. He has 20+ years of experience in IP infrastructures and Layer-3 design of services. His background includes experiences from leading organizations such as the University of Alberta, 360 Networks, and TELUS.

At TELUS, he was the pioneer in the IP/MPLS Core Convergence, leader in integration of merging networks (BGP ASN migrations), and early adopter of IPv6. Currently, he is responsible for the Architecture, design and operations of TELUS’ Enterprise infrastructure, nationally and Internationally. He is also a member of BCNet’s Network Planning Advisory Committee (NPAC) on behalf of TELUS.  (LinkedIn Profile: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/geoffrey-holan/0/499/392)

Telecom professionals worldwide may attend the panel and participate in all of the on-going dialog leading up to the panel and beyond, simply by registering at http://bit.ly/LknqIs.

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