Integrating System Advances & Application Monitoring for Superior Performance Management (Cisco)

Having an opportunity to hear expert opinions one-on-one is a real treat, and today we bring you just that via our audio podcast with Aamer Akhter, Technical Leader and Architect, Monitoring Solutions (MediaNet) at Cisco Systems  (see below for a biography), who has been a key contributor to the Roundtables on performance management & monitoring that we have held as part of our initiative on “Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO!” – the live panel July 17, 2012.

Aamer is also a panelist at the event, bringing in insights on the system advances that allow for per-flow monitoring of network metrics and wrapping them up to application-level diagnostic capabilities (see here for registration details and what will be covered; BTW, don’t hesitate to register, even if you see this post-facto, because that will enable you to receive valuable updates from pre-event and post-event activities! Plus, this is not just an event, it’s an initiative – to improve service provider network operation and services by cooperation of the eco-system!) 

Aamer Akhter, Technical Leader & Architect Network Mgt. Sol., Cisco

Aamer Akhter, Technical Leader & Architect Network Mgt. Sol., Cisco

Aamer wears a number of hats at Cisco. A key part of his role is to work with enterprise and service provider customers on their network management & monitoring needs, and ensure that they have the most suitable architecture and solution options to do so. In addition, he has inward-facing responsibilities, where he’s Architect for the monitoring solutions within MediaNet, and also a Technical Leader within Cisco’s engineering organization.

 Our discussion with Aamer covered 5 questions:

  1. Who you are? (Always good to know that :-) )
  2.  How are you involved in performance monitoring & management? In the issues therein?
  3. What are some of the specific issues you’re concerned about in this space and why?
  4. What solutions approaches are your formulating (or would like to see developed) and why?
  5. How has the initiative on performance management (the Roundtables and Panel) helped with your performance management related goals?
  6. How have you found the Roundtable discussions so far? (What has been their value/benefit?)

 Of course, I should add that you’ll probably want to hear a couple of neat insights that Aamer shares about how application performance and network performance ought to be viewed holistically.

Hear (or right click to download)  the podcast here.

 As you hear this, and have questions for Aamer, please send them to and we will forward those to him. We’ll try to address them on the Panel (see here  to register), or in the discussions beyond. Again, our goal is to facilitate an ongoing industry dialog between the operators (of various types) and the eco-system players, in a cooperative environment that spurs advancements/developments that benefit the entire eco-system! And, we invite you to join the activity and share the excitement of doing so.


Aamer Akhter, CCIE # 4543 (R&S, C&S), has over 14 years of experience in the networking industry and is currently responsible for the deployment and technical marketing of enterprise medianet systems. Previously, he had been responsible for deployment and technical marketing of Performance Routing, Wan-Optimization systems, Video systems, Routing Protocols, NBAR and NetFlow. He joined cisco in the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and has worked in various capacities for cisco, supporting large service provider and enterprise customers by testing, designing and deploying Layer 2 and MPLS/VPN networks.


Telecom professionals worldwide may attend the panel and participate in all of the on-going dialog leading up to the panel and beyond, simply by registering at

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