Your Valuable Inputs on Our Partnership with the MEF & The Week’s Key Discussions

Hello Members,

i) Today, I am delighted to let you know that our discussions with the MEF for possible collaboration have lead to their first concrete outcome – a proposal for the designation of our Group as an MEF-Ethernet Academy Partner and plans for (what I think are) some great interactions between us, which is explained in detail in my post from last week here

I request each and every one of you to kindly take a look at that proposal and share your thoughts, inputs, and feedback, until June 10th, after which time we will send a final communique to the MEF. So, I look forward to your comments!

ii) Also, SDN and NFV were in the news on our Group last week, with a number of valuable posts on these subjects.

First, we had the live webcast of the ONF Workshop from the SDN Openflow APAC Congress on June 3rd, you can read more about the event, and the observations of some members of our Group here

Then Patrick Lopez asked if SDN, NFV, and Openstack can support next-gen video,, while I asked whether Infonetics Research’s assessment that “SDN hesitation” was the cause of a carrier capex decline was valid,, and pointed to Tom Nolle’s insightful blog post on what “Open Source” means for the carrier community!

And, Kevin Wade posted about an SDn first. Namely, NTT + Cyan using SDN to offer 100Gb/s connectivity at the current NANOG, which, if you think about it, is quite some development!

iii) Michael Bangert of JSDU is holding what promises to be an interesting webinar (June 19th, Thursday) on the key topic of network synchronization using IEEE 1588 and SyncE, which should be of interest to any member looking at, working in, or even casually interested in mobile networks, and some of the deeper issues of clock synchronization there. You can see Michael’s post here, and use the following link to register, if you haven’t done so already.

iv) Finally, there were a couple interesting posts on data centers:
Bo Gowan’s post on how to architect the user-to-data center network, and options for such architectures,
Michael Lemm’s post on collaboration between Equinix and TWT to develop creative cloud connectivity,

So, if you haven’t been very active in the Group or taken a look at the wealth of ideas and insights that are available here, you’re missing out on a wealth of knowledge.

I encourage you to utilize your membership in the Group by your active participation and contribution, and in that process both expand yourself professionally while also contributing to the strengthening of our community, all while developing some great friendships as well!

And, feel free to write to me with your thoughts and/or ideas at any time at or via LinkedIn.

Some of you may have noticed that the “Hero Image” is now a high-resolution image of our Group Logo – which I will write about more later. To see some of the background on the logo, you may wish to look here

As always, until next time, may the bits in your bytes and the bytes in your packets be profitable!

Best wishes,